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Litehires, is the world first HRtech platform that is making employable communities and small businesses accessible for enterprises to achieve a winning stance. litehires was born after we realized that a lot of companies – start-ups, midsized firms, and infact enterprises still looked for an extra-reach everytime there was a surge in their business. On the other side, we have seen talented recruiter communities, smaller and medium businesses, work much harder with a drive to succeed in order to grow themselves into successful profitable individuals or businesses. Our platform allowed professionals to connect – anytime, anywhere with enterprises at a click of a button, serving them with their best personalized services, without the hassles of having an local presence, making it possible for both sides to have an competitive edge to their businesses. Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Professionals and Freelancers from different parts of the world discover each other and connect almost instantly to pursue various resourcing services. Whether it is a small family business or a large established company, LITEHIRES has access to the right network of members to help close successful transactions.
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