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Shaheen Corporation is an Engineering Organization engaged in imports, marketing, sales, business promotion and services of electrical components and equipments of world's leading brands.Company strives to deliver prime quality products, innovative solutions and better services to the valued customers. Our team has an extensive experience of about 20 years in marketing, sales, services, manufacturing and maintenance of electrical products. Since its inception in 2004 we have come a long way, Shaheen has built its reputation on commitment to provide quality products while rapidly responding to domestic & International needs. Our Primary strategy is superior customer satisfaction. Our product is world class suitable for all uses personal & professional. These are available inwide range of lengths, widths and thickness to meet the packaging requirement of every customer. We are a tiny company but our work is huge. We plant dreams and ideas; then grow successful business models. Shaheen Corporation, a name which is recognized as a reputed and professional organization in the market and they have earned an eminent respect because of the excellent quality of their products. Maintaining a large base of loyal customers, they keep the class of their product very high on the count of quality aspect. Today, when every business is vying only to raise the profit margins, only Shaheen Corporation keeps the interest of the customers of their inclusive range of products and services. Any organization who involves in the manufacturing of some kind of products, then these products should be centric on the customer requirements, and if this criterion is not fulfilled, then all the efforts will go in vain for sure. Shaheen corporation takes this responsibility in their core functioning and makes the products on the lines of customer needs and gratification. Since our foundation which has laid down before 8 years, we have made a long list of clientele who have been taken keen interest in our inclusive range of products, ranging from- Paper napkins, toilet roll paper, face tissues, aluminium foils casseroles and containers in different sizes and shapes according to the customer requirement.
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